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Tua 4 Blood the item is finally delivered Left 4 Dead fans have been hungry for years, but as good as Turtle Rock Studios ’co-op zombie shooter, it has its problems. Sometimes, for example, the game seems a little too complicated. Playing solo is heartbreaking, but even playing 4 co-op games can be a daunting task.

In fact, it is more in demand than the developers expected. More recently river (and another Reddit post recapping the stream), the game’s creator admitted it was “more difficult than planned.” The team has identified a number of reasons for that unforeseen challenge, including the severity of injuries that have healed quickly, and that speed is the only way to move forward at higher difficulties. .

In particular, Turtle Rock says that Special Ridden’s high score contributes quite a bit to the game’s tough challenge. The developer wrote: “We believe the recent arrangement for Specials to often double their demo cards has fully met the increasing complexity and … we were quick to talk. Throughout the process, we have identified another major cause of the increasing difficulty and we are working hard on a solution.We will put this aside and continue to make the game improve over time.

There’s no word on what exactly the scheduled time will be for fixing these issues, but fans of the game should be happy to know that the developers are listening to ideas and making changes accordingly. . Given Turtle Rock and WB Games ’long -term plans for the game, it’s encouraging to know that ongoing tweaks are planned to make for something more balanced and more fun.

Tua 4 Blood currently available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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