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Light Death 2 Eternal Man will be released early next year, and it looks like developer Techland already has plans for game post-launch support — or an inkling of plans in this particular area, at least from . During an interview with PC games, Leader Tymon Smektała indicated that they could work on adding future behavior classes that could be used further in the game. leave together.

During a game play, PC Gamer asked if the combined game could handle the game system with a basic skill stick. , which allows athletes to progress in specific ways to suit unique sports styles. While Smektala says it’s a lot of freedom and requires players to make their own plans, he said Techland can implement something along those lines in the game.

“It’s free when you start playing in the co-op,” Smektała said. “It’s something you have to test your own plan. But at some point I think we’ll support something you just mentioned.”

There doesn’t seem to be such a feature on the release, since nothing of the kind hasn’t been announced, but Techland has an impressive record of what has been offered for its games. The first Dead light, for example, many extras and DLCs are available, and if such a treatment is also given to the series, such a feature can be added down the line.


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