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Although 343 Industries is trying to address issues of sequencing with Infinite’s Halo beta multiplayer, it is also polishing the campaign on its way to release next month. In the meantime, IGN has a few new gameplay pictures that showcase “The Conservatory” mission. This takes place a few hours into the campaign and offers a look at several weapons that are new to the franchise. Check it out below.

Some of these new weapons include the Rifle Shock (with Electric weapons being a new type that deals more damage to shields); the heat waves that ignite the vertical or horizontal propagation of ammo; and the Cindershot that lobbies explosive missile bounces. We also see the new Skimmers in action. These are enemies that are just hovering above ground and which are rather annoying in flocks.

Infinite’s Halo campaign launches on December 8th for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. It will also launch day one on Xbox Game Pass. Stay tuned for more details on the way to release it.


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