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The VR version for Resident Evil 4 recently released for Oculus Quest 2 and received fairly decent critical acclaim. And while it loses some key content like Assign Ada and Separate Ways, it will receive The Mercenaries mode next year. This seems to have been confirmed in a video released on the Oculus YouTube channel.

The video has since been removed but Biohazard Declassified managed to sneak it. Interestingly, it also appears that the VR headset is being renamed to Meta Quest 2 to reflect Facebook’s recent name change. Much like other titles, The Mercenaries involves revisiting levels and taking as many enemies as possible to score high.

The mode was also recently included Resident Evil Village though without multiplayer support (and it is unknown whether Evil 4 VR resident contains the same). In the meantime, stay tuned for an official trailer and more details on the mode.


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