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Infinite’s Halo The Battle Pass sequence has been one of the few areas where the game has been widely criticized by players since its beta launch last week, but many players had been hoping to play through and do an increase in the shooter’s single player campaign is another avenue for unlocking make-up that could be used in multiplayer. And if a new datamining leak is anything to go by, it seems, though that is true, that the items players will unlock will not be entirely satisfying to everyone.

As shared by @ChazJackal on Twitter, it looks similar Infinite’s Halo unlocking campaign cosmetics will not include unlocking armor for the game’s multiplayer components. There will be a total of 34 that can be unlocked, if this datamin is anything to go by, which will include coatings for weapons, vehicles, and armor, as well as several emblems, a couple of weapons charms, and one stance.

343 Industries has started repairing the game’s Battle Pass sequence, and says many more solutions are on the way, but given its stationary nature, many will certainly be disappointed that there will be no armor unlock available in the campaign, especially since the vast majority of those in the multiplayer are limited to the paid Battle Ticket. If this is the case then hopefully 343 Industries will listen to feedback and make necessary changes.

Infinite Halo recently went gold, and will launch fully for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC on December 8.


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