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Despite being over three years old at this point, Twin’s Motion is Dead Cells continues to receive support. His 26th update “Everyone is Here!” it may be the craziest yet – it adds skins and weapons to mimic main characters from titles like Knight Hollow, Guacamelee, Blasphemous, Hyper Light Drifter, Skul the Hero Slayer a Curse of the Dead Gods. Take a look at it all below.

The update will start players with a book of riddles with challenges that must be completed for the costumes. Thrush rooms must also be found to find the weapons themselves. While Hollow Knights hero does not quite make an appearance, you can access the Pure Nails to attack up and down along with bouncing on enemies when attacking downwards (which causes critical damage).

The Drifter gets their energy sword and Hyper Light Gun – fire the latter to target targets and use the former to deal critical damage. More marks on a target equals more damage. As for The Penitent One, using the Face Flask will deal with self-damage and convert 35 percent lost health into recovery. Juan o Guacamelee can use Pollo Power to transform into a chicken that lobs explosive eggs around it at enemies.

Skul has a bone club for killing enemies with a secondary hurricane attack that deals critical damage. Finally, the auditor of Curse of the Dead Gods brings his trusty machete and pistol – the first two attacks use the machete while the third releases the firearm to deal critical damage. Holding the attack button raises a stronger attack that is slower.

The update is live on PC right now and will be coming to consoles and Mac later. Look at the rest of the patch notes below.


  • Installations related to fire can no longer appear on Ice related items, and vice versa.
  • Dropping a bomb while rolling no longer interrupts invisibility.

Quality of life

Added a new log system

  • A simple system that will record everything that happens internally, to help us understand where some bugs come from. No personal data will be recorded.
  • No changes should be apparent on your side, other than log files that appear in your game folder, which you might want to include in future bug reports.
  • Everyone’s roles were added in the “Evil Empire” section of the credits. That way you get to know us a little more.
  • Added the ability to scroll through affixes in the Minor Forge menu.


  • Supports updated mod!
  • Added a new Key system, which allows passing data through levels in the same game.
  • Added a system that allows customizing exit door at next levels, even vanilla ones. Yes, you can leave out Prisoner Quarters, at Prisoner Quarters.
  • Timed Doors, No Hit Doors and Old Timed Doors have been added to the level scripting API.
  • Added the possibility to adjust the required time of a Timed Door at the same level.
  • Added a return API call if a player has a dedicated DLC.
  • Added an API call that allows health wells to customize to the current player’s Boss Cells.
  • Added a new button in the mod UI. The “back” button is now used … to go back.
  • Fixed mob spawning system.
  • Fixed the Stem Cell Tube reloading vanilla game when used at modded level.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Cocoon doesn’t activate what doesn’t kill me.
  • Fixed What Doesn’t Kill Me.
  • Fixed the ability to multiply Serenade.
  • Fixed boomerang not retrieved ammo if in some cases the projector is destroyed.
  • Skill actions can no longer be interrupted.
  • Had a strange interaction between the attacks of Jerkshroom and Darian Parry, who would sometimes strike the player while paring.
  • Fixed democrats deal damage through Ice Armor.
  • Fixed grenades deal with negative damage in some cases.
  • Fixed Armadillopack not pairing Guardian Riders and Automatons.
  • Grenade Hunter can no longer be used to replace the co-development of other skills
  • Cuttable props now follow the same production rules as floor decorations.
  • Fixed player tracks not loaded when changing costume.
  • The scarecrow can no longer be omitted.
  • Fixed damage buff on invisibility does not trigger.
  • Sometimes it is impossible to get to the Fixed Stilt Village shortcut.
  • Fixed Tonic effect is canceled on any inventory update.
  • Sometimes his fixed Mama Tick behavior interrupts after his movement is interrupted.


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