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With Luke the final character DLC for Fua Ala 5, Capcom is now looking forward to the future series. On the Fall Update live stream, director Takayuki Nakayama and producer Shuhei Matsumoto talked about the next game in the series. Matsumoto rightly referred to Luke as an “important man” who would show up to “the next Street Boxers“and hope that fans will imitate him when he arrives on November 29 for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

But for what is to come, Nakayama said, “For us, Fua Ala 5 a project has become a peak and a valley, but thanks to our fan, we are able to achieve what we hoped for. We, the developers, will use this experience as a trigger to move forward to the next project! “

Matsumoto also announced that there will be some kind of broadcast for the series in 2022. “While this is the end of this series of digital shows for Street Fighter 5, this is more of a ‘quick reunion’ than a ‘goodbye.’ We look forward to giving you more information next year! ” The river ended with the message: “We will be back with more news about the future of Street Boxers. ”

Before Capcom directly calls the next game ”Street Fighter 6, “it’s no secret that a trend is underway in development. Reports indicated that it started opening in 2021 but faced delays due to development problems (which were reportedly) causing longtime director Yoshinori Ono to leave the project with Capcom himself.) It appears to be planned for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, PS5 and PC so stay tuned for more details later in the year a sau.


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