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The World is Ending with You fans had to wait a long time, long time to finally get a sequel to the beloved DS classic, and when NEO: The World is Ending with You launched earlier this year, it immediately became clear that the game was, quite frankly, worth the wait. Something that immediately became apparent, however, was that it wasn’t selling as well as it should.

And that’s something Square Enix has now confirmed as well. In a recently published quarterly financial report briefing, Square Enix wrote that nonetheless NEO: The World is Ending with You well received by players, the game “underperformed our initial expectations.”

It’s funny that Square Enix should say that, because the pre-launch marketing for the RPG was utterly horrific – almost nonexistent, in fact. So what exactly did you expect, Square Enix? A sequel to a niche game that came out well over a decade ago is not going to sell in isolation.

It’s a shame, because NEO: The World is Ending with You is a very good game, too. Here’s hoping a strong word of mouth leads to sustained sales over a long period, because the way the publisher itself handled the game has not made its commercial performance any favors.

NEO: The World is Ending with You available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC.


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