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It’s been over two years Death Died came out, and though we got it Cut the Editor not too long ago, more than they could imagine what would happen next for Hideo Kojima and his team at Kojima Productions. And it looks like Kojima is starting to tease what the next project is (or one of those other projects).

On Twitter, Kojima recently said he was “reviewing the plan and script” for something and “testing everything else”, and with that message and a photo that shows blurry images a group of people on a recording set. One of those images, suddenly (front and center) looks pretty bad as that of singer Norman Reedus, who, of course, played the Sam Porter Bridges game in it. Death Died.

Interestingly, earlier this year Reedus seemed to confirm himself that the game was getting a series, saying “a second one. Death Died“was” in negotiations. “

In fact, there hasn’t been much rumor about what Kojima Productions might work on next. Some reports say the lab is working on a Peaceful mountains games funded by PlayStation. Reedus, of course, is the star in it PT and was set as a star in dissolution Peaceful mountains me too.

Now, it’s also strongly suggested that Kojima could work on an Xbox-specific game with Microsoft, perhaps a new feature on an existing Xbox IP.


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