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343 Industries’ Infinite Halo was originally supposed to be the launch title for the Xbox Series X / S, though it was delayed by more than a whole year after public reaction to the initial gameplay reveal trailer in 2020 didn’t go exactly as planned. Following the recent launch of the multiplayer component of the game, creative director Joseph Staten has opened up on exactly what went on behind the scenes at this time.

In an interview with IGN, Staten talked about how it was a very big decision for the whole team. He also said it was a player-first decision, and from the reaction of fans around the world, the wait seems to be worth it.

“[There was] huge pressure to stay the course, ”said Staten. “I think a really great example of Xbox leadership doing the right thing for our fans, doing the right thing […] for players, even though it hurts them, even though there are costs involved. It was a 100% player-first decision, and I’m so proud of the studio and Xbox for making that decision. “

Talk to Eurogamer, Staten also opened up about how the extra development time affected the game, noting that the team was able to make the game run great on all platforms.

“There are many other examples we can provide, not the least of which is to make the game run great on whatever platform you have,” he said. “We committed ourselves to a set of principles, followed by a handful of these epic tasks, and then chasing them for campaigning and multiplayer.”

While Infinite HaloMultiplayer is currently available for fans to play, there is a short wait left for its campaign, which launches on December 8. Press forecasts paint a positive picture, though it is still to see how the whole package travels after release.


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