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Infinite’s Halo multiplayer has been out for over a week and is clearly thriving, while its single player campaign is launching soon as well. At launch, however, the game will miss Forge’s campaign and mode co-op, both of which have become essential pillars of the Hello experience over the years. With the campaign co-op not arriving until at least May 2022 and Forge until at least three months later, fans of the series have expressed their disappointment at the delay, especially where the former is concerned.

Talk to IGN (via GameSpot), 343 Industries’ head of creative, Joseph Staten, recently mentioned the same thing, explaining why the delay for a campaign co-op was specifically considered necessary. Staten explained that while that decision was “very, very difficult” to make, it shows that 343 Industries is committed to “shipping experiences only when they are ready.”

“I’m working on Halo but I’m still a Halo fan,” Staten sad. And a campaign co-op is vital to the experience. Play Halo with your friends in play Halo, whether it’s multiplayer or campaign. So of all the decisions we made that were the most difficult, co-op delays were very, very difficult. But it shows the studio’s commitment – even when it’s challenging, even when it hurts – to only send experiences when they’re ready. To just ship quality experiences. And that’s as important as any franchise, but certainly a franchise like Halo that’s been around for 20 years. ”

“If we do not maintain that high bar, we do not commit ourselves to excellence, and commit ourselves to every time we launch something to delight our customers, meeting our expectations, exceeding our expectations. ideally, I do not. think we are doing this job properly, ”he added. “And the simple truth was a co-op wasn’t ready. And we decided to prioritize our efforts in other areas. ”

One of the things that 343 Industries chose to prioritize over a shipping campaign co-op at launch was to make the game run well on every platform it carried on. “That was a more important goal than a shipping co-op,” Staten explained. “That’s difficult. But I think if you look at both of those choices and you put yourself into a customer-first mindset, it’s obvious which one you should choose, albeit it hurts. “

The lack of the campaign co-op and Forge at launch, of course, is disappointing, but recent examples like Cyberpunk 2077 has shown how bad things can get when a developer doesn’t make sure a game runs well on all the platforms for which it releases. 343 Industries’ decision to prioritize that may not have been popular, but it is extremely worthwhile that something like that is obviously far more essential to the experience for the player as a whole.

Infinite’s Halo single player campaign will launch for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC on December 8.


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