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There have been many Dragon Dancethemed games over the years, most of them fighting games, but also a mix of RPGs and card games as well. Next year, however, it will have one of the most unique entries in the gaming side of the franchise with The Breakers. Instead of focusing on the core cast, instead it places ordinary citizens against series villains in a disproportionate multiplayer pool. It seems like a head scratcher, but today we got an overview of how it all shakes out.

The game sees a group of ordinary citizens, called Survivors, drawn into a mysterious dimension where they are pitted against one raider, who is represented by one of the enemy’s enemies. franchise, with Cell being given as the example here. The Raider will hunt Survivors down and be able to win the game when they have eliminated all of them on the map, or when they destroy the higher time machine, a vehicle that allows Survivors to escape. Each Raider will undergo several stages of evolution until it reaches its final form.

Survivors have a more complex path to victory. They must activate the higher time machine, but doing so requires you to collect boot keys that are shattered throughout the map. The more keys you collect, the faster the machine startup will get faster. Things are getting quiet, though, because when a Raider evolves they can destroy one of the areas. If the key for that area was not found, it is gone forever.

Survivors are not completely powerless. Although they are asymmetrical, there are a number of ways in which they can defend themselves, including attack and defense items, the ability to blend into the stage with camouflage, and find orbs that allow them to channel one’s power the main temporary characters, such as Goku or Vegeta, allowing them to stall the raider. They can also heal poor Survivors that Raiders have pulled out, and use various functions to communicate.

Dragon Dance: The Breakers set to launch in 2022 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. PC’s closed beta will go live December 3rd and 4th, and you can see the times for it in the video below.


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