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Pokemon games never fail to sell stellar numbers after launch, especially in Japan, and the recently released duo of the Gen 4 remake, it seems, Brilliant Diamond Pokemon a Bright Pearl, has done the same thing. In accordance with Famitsutogether, the two games sold nearly 1.4 million copies in Japan within three days of launch – 1,395,642 million copies, to be precise.

That figure includes physical sales for both games individually, retail download cards sales, and double-pack sales, which include both games. This figure does nothowever, include digital sales directly from the eShop Switch, so that volume is likely to be much higher.

Strangely enough, this means Brilliant Diamond Pokemon a Bright Pearl surpassed launch sales of 2019’s Pokémon Sword a Shield, which together sold 1,364,544 million units in Japan during their first three days. This also means A great diamond a Bright Pearl has seen the second-largest launch of the Switch game in Japan to date, second only to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which sold 1,880,626 units in Japan for the first time.

Meanwhile, the launch sales of the remakes have failed to reach the launch sales for the original Pokémon diamond a Pearl, which sold 1.586 million units in four days at launch in Japan when it first launched for the Nintendo DS in September 2006. However, it is worth noting that the tracking period for their launch sales had an extra day, and that digital sales have become significantly more common now than they were a decade and a half ago.

Famitsu reports that the new Pokemon the launch also resulted in a significant boost to hardware sales for the Nintendo Switch, which sold over 168,000 units during the week (including all models). Notably, this also means that the Switch has passed a significant sales milestone, having sold over 22 million units in Japan to date.

Obviously, the new Pokemon remake is performing to expectations worldwide. It has also recently been confirmed that, in the UK, the games together saw the best physical launch for the Switch game in 2021, surpassing Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, and the second best physical launch of the year across all platforms, second only to FIFA 22. Read more about that throughout here.


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