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King of the Fighters 15 it will have a solid list of 39 fighters at launch when it releases in February. Over the past few months, SNK has unveiled many of the game’s characters, including the likes of Dolores, K ‘, Ash Crimson, Heidern, newcomer Isla, and many others, with the 34th – Whip – were revealed a couple of weeks ago. Now the 35th character has been revealed as well.

SNK confirms that Angel will join the fighter’s upcoming roster. Making her first appearance King of the Fighters 2001, it’s become a permanent fixture for the series (or at least semi-permanent), so fans should be glad to see it come back. It was voiced by Miki Ogura King of Fighters 14, revenge on his role once again.

It has not been confirmed which team she will join KOF15, but her reveal trailer gives us a good insight into how she’s going to play. The ex-murderer is known for her superhuman speed, strength and reflexes (not to mention her cat-like behavior), all of which are on display here. Check out the trailer below.

King of the Fighters 15 launches for PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 17, 2022.


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