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Steam Sales can be generous or thin, depending on your backlog and the overall health of your wallet, but they’re an important occasion all the same. The Steam Autumn Auction is live now, offering discounts on thousands of titles until December 1st, 10 AM PST. So if you’ve been looking at getting up Ys 9: Monstrum Nox (20 percent off), doubles in Deathloop (which is 50 percent off) or finally rising Reshaped Dark Souls (50 percent off), now is a good time.

Of course, this also marks the time that Steam receives nominations for its annual Steam Awards. The usual categories return from the Game of the Year Award to the Love Labor Award (recognizing games that continue to receive updates and new content). Headteacher here for more details on each of the categories.

This will not be the last Steam Auction for the year but since the Winter Auction will be coming up towards the end of December. Stay tuned for more details when that goes live.


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