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On the way to That 2042’s promotion, the game was sold out as the result of all that the franchise had been doing well for many years, and as a result, fans were very enthusiastic about its potential. The shooter’s logo, sadly, has been a bit rocky, and the players have voiced a lot of their displeasure. However, the game seems to be doing well for itself when player numbers are concerned.

I se renewal describe future details and signs for Taua 2042, DICE says the game has already garnered “millions” of players since its launch a few days ago (although in fact, it’s also available in instant access for a few days before its official release) . DICE has confirmed that as well That 2042 almost twice as many players at the beginning than the first game in the series, Taua 5, do.

DICE has begun its journey down the road in redesign for its new release, presenting the developer’s plans for the game as a live service integration for at least the next two years, hopefully , they will be able to change things for him. and get to the level that the organizers expect. If that doesn’t happen, the game could quickly fall from its strong start.

That 2042 available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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