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Epic Games’ Fortnite celebrates the end of its Chapter 2 with a special in-game event called “The End”. The event will see players team up to defeat The Cube Queen, described as “the ultimate destroyer of all reality”, a new threat to the game’s island setting, as revealed in a blog post by Epic Games. Check out the teaser trailer for the event down below.

Players will be able to participate in the event in groups of up to 16 players, and as it’s a one-time event, streamers and content creators are advised to record gameplay, as no replacements will be available. The event kicks off on Saturday, December 4th at 1 am PT. Participants in the event will receive a special loading screen and Wrap as prizes.

Those who log in before the end of the season ie December 4 will also receive the XP 225,000 prize. Of course, as has been the case with previous seasons – you only have until the end of the season to complete any remaining quests (including Cube Queen page 1 and 2 quests).

Fortnite has converted from a battle royale video game into a sense of pop culture, and as such has been expanding rapidly. Epic games acquired very recently Rock Band developer Harmonix with a view to making game music a more active part of the game.


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