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Following his Australian rating, Uncharted: Thieves’ Legacy Collection has recently been graded by the ESRB for PC and PS5. Since it was slated for release in early 2022, this could signal a release date announcement in the coming months. Maybe at the 2021 Game Awards on December 9th?

Uncharted: Thieves’ Legacy Collection includes remasters of Uncharted 4: The End of a Thief a Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, both currently available for PS4. They will sport better images although more details of graphical enhancements and modes have not yet been revealed (although it has been confirmed that Iron Galaxy Studios is working on the PC version). It is also unknown whether the current owners of the PS4 versions can upgrade at some point in the future.

For more details on Uncharted 4: The End of a Thief, check out our review here. You can also read our review for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy here. No new title in the series is forthcoming at this time but Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells confirmed that the studio still has a “ton of love” for the IP.


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