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Upon release Valheim’s Hearth and Home update, Iron Gate Studio is working on the next major update of the survival title – Mistlands, which is a completely new biome for players to explore. There has been a new screenshot disclosure displaying the texture of the land, the general landscape and ominous fog.

Before that, the studio is pushing out a smaller content piece focusing on the Swamps. Something “strange” seems to stir it and through research, players can access the materials and crafts of a new armor set. The Mountain biome is also getting some new content in the form of caves that “may or may not have some lupine residents …”

Of course, all of this content (Mistlands included) is still in development so the final version might look different in the long run. There is currently no date for when the Mistlands update will release so stay tuned for more details in the coming months. Valheim is currently available in Steam Early Access and has sold nearly eight million copies in August 2021.


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