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Along with Infinite’s Halo multiplayer receives new weapons over time, it is possible that there are weapon variants of Halo 5: Guardians return. HaloNoticiasMX and GreenKnight on Twitter have demystified several different weapon variants for weapons like the Bulldog, Pulse Carbine and Mangler – check them out below.

Weapon variants are essentially modified versions of the current weapons list. For example, the Bulldog Convergence has a larger magazine while its pellets have spread tighter while the BR75 Breacher has a smaller magazine than the normal Battle Rifle but a faster fire rate. Then there’s a modified Cindershot whose missiles appear to explode like cluster bombs.

Just because these items are demonized, does not necessarily mean that they will be added to the game – they could be remnants of an older building. It’s not impossible but we won’t know for sure until 343 Industries confirms the same. Regardless, it all looks pretty cool.

Infinite’s Halo multiplayer is currently live for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. His campaign launches on December 8th.


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