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Reports emerged in early 2020 that a Resident Evil 4 a remake was being developed at Capcom, and had, in some form, been in the works since as early as 2018. Although there has been nothing next to proceed regarding the status of the rumor remake where official details in question, and a recent new leak may have confirmed its existence.

As seen by @BewareCrepyVAs on Twitter, controversial voice actor DC Douglas, who has provided voice for one of Residents of Evil central antagonists Albert Wesker in several games, allegedly breaking the NDA recently by confirming in a live stream that he is going to return in the role in Resident Evil 4’s remake – specifically, the separate Roads section of the game. Interestingly, on top of that, apparently Douglas is as well shared concept art of the remake with fans. Since then, he seems to have deleted his Twitter account.

For now, the authenticity of the images and the leak overall remains unverified, but this is far from the first time we have heard details of and Resident Evil 4 redo. Allegedly, it was initially under development at M-Two, the studio behind 2020’s Resident Evil 3 remake, but earlier this year, reports suggested that development had been moved in-house, with the project restarted. Read more about that throughout here.


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