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After stating that Infinite’s Halo multiplayer sequencing would be at the top of its priority list, 343 Industries has unveiled changes to the game-winning XP. Community manager John Junyszek said XP gained from the first six games of a day will increase. This change is expected to go live tomorrow.

How much XP can be expected? The first game will provide 300 XP; the second and third games will give 200 XP each; and the fourth, fifth and sixth games will provide 100 XP each. Each game from that point on in a day will provide 50 XP, as is currently the case. This should allow players to earn one full Pass level per day, which can be tripled with an XP boost.

Of course, the development team is aware that supporters want “even bigger changes.” Junyszek said the team was committed to the same thing but that they will “take time.” As such, this is a pretty good short-term solution for those who play every day. We now need to wait for 343 Industries to address armor adjustment concerns, lost modes and other issues.

Infinite’s Halo multiplayer is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. His campaign releases on December 8th.


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