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Reception for Infinite’s Halo multiplayer has been extremely positive since its launch a few weeks ago, but the experience has not been without its problems. 343 Industries has already used a couple of updates to focus on the issue most often raised by players – that is the Battle Pass sequence – but another problem that pretty much every multiplayer game has to deal with is fraudsters.

Infinite Halo, free-to-play and cross-play co-play, have also been dealing with cheaters of late, and 343 Industries’ community manager John Junyszek recently took to Twitter to talk about the same thing. Junyszek says that cheating is an issue 343 Industries “envisioned”, and that dealing with the same was “a natural part of supporting” a free-to-play PC title as Infinite Halo.

According to Junyszek, while cheating will never “completely disappear” in the game, 343 Industries is “ready and committed to releasing constant improvements” addressing the issue and “acting on bad actors ”. It remains to be seen what the first of these actions and improvements will be, and when we can expect the developer to take that step, but 343 Industries has been quite quick to respond to ‘ Most issues so far, so let’s hope it’s not too long.

Infinite’s Halo multiplayer is available on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC, and the campaign launches on December 8. You can check out its exact worldwide unlock timings here.


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