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The Valve Steam Deck is coming out in February 2022, after being delayed from its previous Winter release period. It is to be expected, especially given the demand for the portable computer. But could its popularity ever reach a point where Valve would consider releasing titles exclusively for the platform?

Although it did not address such a hypothetical situation, it has completely denied any exceptions. In Recent FAQs from the Steamworks Steam Deck event, which features questions from various studios and publishers, Valve was asked about his interest in unique titles. “No, that doesn’t make much sense to us. It is a PC and should only play games like a PC. ”

Which seems obvious but it’s easy to see why this should be explained. Steam is hugely popular and with Valve having to test its entire Steam Deck library, could create an interesting new market for digital shopfronts. In addition, several titles are owned by other platforms – such as Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store – that will not run on the Steam Deck.

It wouldn’t be surprising for Valve to benefit from and offer even more motivation outside of Steam’s huge catalog over owning a Steam Deck. However, for the time being, this will not be the case. Stay tuned for more details on the portable computer in the coming months.


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