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Relic Entertainment and World’s Edge have released an 8324 update for Age of Empires 4, providing many new solutions and features based on community feedback. These new options include being able to toggle in-game player scores for custom lobbies and skirmish games. Players can also view the map after the game, thus allowing a quick snapshot of what strategies other players employ after a game.

The small map changes may be the most nevertheless with the icon size reduced, the wonder icon now corresponds to the HUD objective icon, smaller deer icons, and Relic icons in gold. In terms of balance changes, the French Hulk ship is now weaker, making it easier to fight, with Spearmen being buffered and now offering a real counter to cavalry.

Take a look at some of the patch notes below with the full notes here. Age of Empires 4 currently available for PC via Steam and the Windows Store. It can also be played on Xbox Game Pass for PC. For details on other upcoming updates, check out the post-launch road map here.



  • Based on community feedback, we have made the decision to implement the ability to enable in-game player scores for those who wish to receive them. We know that using this feature can change the way you choose to play the game, and so we want to empower you to make the choice for yourself. Starting today, you will be able to enable in-game player rating on a match-by-game basis for custom lobby multiplayer games and skirmish games.
  • Being able to see the map after the game is something you’ve asked for, and we’ve started making changes to enable you to do just that. With this latest update, you’ll be able to paddle across the map and get a better look at each player’s strategies after finishing your game.
  • Note that after pressing the “Continue” button, you will be taken to the statistics screen after the game and you will no longer be able to switch back to the map. We will provide options that allow you to easily switch back and forth between the completed map scene and post-game statistics in Spring 2022.


We’ve heard feedback that the small map can be difficult to follow at a glance. We have made several adjustments to improve readability, including the changes detailed below. As always, we are interested to hear from you once you’ve spent some time with these updates:

  • The size of the icons is obviously reduced
  • New wonder icon aligns with HUD objects icon
  • Primary Town Center is now clearly bigger than Landmarks
  • Deer icon appears smaller and does not hide other resource points even when camera and map rotate
  • Small gold deposit icons correspond with large gold deposit icons but can be said separately from the small map
  • Relic icons are now gold in color
  • Fish icons are now slightly blue in color
  • Fish icons no longer appear in shallow streams but remain in deep water
  • Maps like Ancient Spiers, Danube River, Confluence, and Mongolian Heights have no Fish icons present on the small map with fish present in the river
  • Larger water body maps keep fish icons in deep water areas

We’ve moved the Chinese Dynasty button and user interface to a less prominent position on the screen. You’ll find it now in the lower left corner, closer to the location where you make other choices.

Garrison behavior has seen adjustments put you in better charge of decision-making, while also ensuring your economy stays as efficient as possible. You can turn off Garrison 1-click, which means your villagers will no longer automatically load to a holding by right-clicking and instead need to be summoned to safety using the command card icon. Additionally, when you are unmarried villagers, they respond to rally points and return to work immediately.

We’ve introduced new options to the Campaign mode that will allow you to easily jump back into the game and test out a new strategy. From the Mission “Fail Screen,” you will now be able to select “Load Saved Game” instead by going back to the Main Menu to select a save game file.


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