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In late 2019, we received the announcement about Sons of the Forest. The game was a sequel to 2014’s The forest, a unique survival horror game that saw you stuck in a remote location that hides terrible secrets you must survive. The game was a unique combination of old school horror, survival and building mechanics and a co-op that blended it all together into an interesting and intimidating experience. The sequel was planned for release this year, but after a long silence, it was officially delayed last month. Now, we know when the game will hit.

In a trailer given to IGN, the developers have shared the new date. The game will now come in May next year, which will come along with flashes of gameplay. It’s a pretty significant delay, but not surprising considering everything else that has led to numerous delays between 2021 and 2022.

Sons of the Forest due for release on May 20th 2022. To date, only PC version has been announced.


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