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Season 2 of Zombie Army 4 continues with an Alpine Blitz

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zombie army 4 alpine blitz

For many – read: us – Zombie Army 4 is right up there with the very best games of the year. But that’s not just due to Rebellion throwing out a cracking base game. Oh no, you see, Zombie Army 4: Dead War has consistently reached heights due to a number of brilliant DLC drops too – the latest of which throws us in to an Alpine Blitz with the continuation of Season 2 content.

Out now and available to download and add into Zombie Army 4: Dead War no matter what format you play on, is the chilling new Alpine Blitz mission. Mission number 5 in the grand scheme of things, and the second drop for the Season 2 content packs, Alpine Blitz is obtainable through Season Pass 2 or as an individual purchase for £5.59.

However you get access though, you can be sure that it’ll continue to set the scene first found in Damnation Valley, the debut mission for the new Death From Above three-part campaign. This time around Alpine Blitz will see you having fought your way through hell frozen over in the Alps, as you and your team of deadhunters find yourselves besieged by an undead flying object – a zombie dirigible! From there expect to fight your way through a zombie-infested train while the looming airship threatens to lay waste to the track. Attempting to survive long enough to reach a nearby airfield for help is the primary goal, and if not, well, you’ll succumb to the satanic zeppelin that is looking to rain death on you and the Resistance.

Whilst that sounds great in itself, the Alpine Blitz campaign mission isn’t the only piece of new Zombie Army 4 content featuring in today’s airdrop. You see, deadhunters can get festive with another sizeable collection of additions, all available individually or with Zombie Army: 4 Season Pass Two. Today’s new content drop includes:

• Holiday Season Headgear Bundle – £2.49
• Holiday Weapon Skins – £2.49
• Berserker Boris Outfit – £2.49
• SVT-38 Rifle Bundle – £3.29
• Sten MK2 SMG Bundle – £3.29
• Holiday Season Charm Pack – £2.49

To get involved, just head to your favoured store with ours being the Xbox Store. Remember you’ll need a copy of Zombie Army 4: Dead War to hand.

DLC Description:

They’ve escaped Damnation Valley, but can the deadhunters survive this brand-new Zombie Army 4 campaign mission? Fight your way through a zombie-infested train carrying precious cargo, but beware – a zombified zeppelin is en route to lay waste to the track! Can you get to a nearby Resistance airfield for help, or will the high-flying terror get there first? Alpine Blitz is the second mission in Death From Above, a chilling new three-part Zombie Army 4: Dead War Campaign! Ride the rails of fear itself in this 1-4 player mission, complete with new sinister locations to fight through, collectibles, achievements and more! The Hell Cult may be defeated – but the terror lives on!

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