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Generation Zero Joins Xbox Game Pass and Receives Xbox Series X/S Upgrade

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Microsoft’s subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, has been growing exponentially, and has now added another game to its offerings just today. In addition to the previously announced additions for the month, Zero Production also added to the library today.

Generation Zero, a first-person robot shooter has also received a new update that allows 60 fps experience on Xbox Series X / S consoles, as well as cross play between PC and Xbox consoles. In addition, players also get access to a whole bunch of new content, like building a foundation and a challenge tree associated with this new mechanic. There’s also the addition of voice chat to the game, which of course will be available when playing trans as well.

You can check out a trailer commemorating the game’s arrival in Game Pass along with full patch notes for its newest update below.

Call of the Sea a few others will be leaving Xbox Game Pass today, as their newcomers take their place.

Microsoft recently announced Clarity Boost for Xbox Cloud Gaming, an initiative to improve cloud streaming on Edge browsers – read more about that through here.

Patch Notes:


Cross play

  • With the inclusion of Xbox Game Pass, Cross-play was also implemented. This will allow you to play with your friends across 2 platforms: Xbox & Windows 10.

60 FPS

  • Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S now have the capacity to run at 60 FPS.

Voice Talk

  • Xbox and Windows 10 users now have access to in-game voice chat


Animation, Art and Sound

  • Fixed a problem where the SFX spark was very high when attacking a machine with melee weapons
  • Fixed issue where the player character might end up in an unintentional posture while riding a bike


  • [Community Reported] Fixed a rare accident that could happen when the player was riding a bicycle
  • Fixed a rare accident where the player would crash when joining an MP game


  • [Community Reported] Fixed issue where players can spit up machines indefinitely by leaving and rejoining the session
  • [Community Reported] Fixed issue where the booster booster was unloaded prematurely after the spinner was destroyed
  • [Community Reported] Fixed issue where the gauge opponent would not stop firing at the player
  • Fixed a problem with non-spawning machines if a client is trying to start a mission while the host is away
  • Fixed a problem where the comedian competitor didn’t fire something at the player if the player was already carrying this type of ammo in his inventory.
  • Fixed issue where the spinner’s competitor could sometimes spawn underground


  • [Assignments] Fixed issue where blowing an engine with a gas tank did not count towards the goal of the assignment.
  • [Assignments] Fixed a problem where the “Destroy 5 cars” assignment did not go ahead
  • [Assignments] Fixed issue where land mines destruction machines did not count towards assignment goal.
  • [Assignment] Fixed issue where destroying a machine as it was being pulled by a machine did not count towards the goal of the assignment.
  • [Assignments] Fixed issue where no progress was made on “Destroy 5 civilian fuel tanks”.
  • [Assignments] Fixed issue where no progress was made in recycling some items.


  • Fixed a problem where long ammo names clipped the magic
  • Fixed static instances of text clipping in tutorials


  • [Community Reported] No fixed problem with ammo could be found for N60 and N16
  • Fixed issue where the drop rate for the US Army was too low
  • Fixed issue when pressing the ammo switch button quickly and removing the weapon from the speed slot, would render the weapon unusable
  • Fixed issue where the vision module would still be attached to the weapon while disconnecting the scope before the module
  • Fixed a problem where ammo shock would stop working properly after using it for a while


  • [Community Reported] Fixed a problem where the player could get stuck in a crack in the mountainous region
  • [Community Reported] Fixed a problem where there was a hole in the bridge to Östervik that players could fall through and get stuck
  • [Community Reported] Fixed a problem where the bike station in Boo Bruk was not operational.
  • [Community Reported] Fixed issues where the land had steam holes or tears
  • Fixed issue where loot can be looted from unopened safe
  • Fixed invisible collision in Ånnagruvan
  • Fixed issue where loot pickup status would not save
  • Fixed issue where incorrect amount of materials was displayed after trying to build the same structure again but not resourced
  • Fixed an issue where the POI would no longer show on the map after the player died


  • [Community Reported] Fixed an issue where The Rival called ‘The Invader of Tyvöleden’ was misspelled, referring to the area known as Tylöveden
  • [Community Reported] Fixed a problem where the player was unable to obtain an Archipelago collectible painting
  • General accident repairs and stability solutions
  • Fixed issue where players could not join multiplayer session by invitation while in single player
  • Fixed issue where region level did not match between host and client
  • Fixed issue where cancellation of matching and abandonment of main menu would result in lockdown

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