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Rare was previously announced Everwild has been covered with mystery and silence for a long time now, though fans now have some kind of update on the game’s development. Former lead designer on Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation, Gary Napper will join Rare as a developer on the Everwild team.

Napper recently announced his next career move via a Twitter post, where he revealed that he would serve as the Design Director on Everwild. Previously, Napper has also worked in the design department on Halo Wars 2, alongside other gigs at Supermassive Games, Criterion, and others.

The fact that key hires are still being made for the game should give some certainty about the state of its development. Reports have suggested that the title has been going through a broad development cycle, but Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty recently commented on the same, noting that Everwild restarting development was too extreme.

That said, fans shouldn’t expect it Avowed, The External Worlds 2, a Everwild among others to release before 2023 – read more about that through here.


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