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Ghost Boat Games Deep Rock Galactic is a small and commercial success, and the user intends to generate increased success with the usual additions of content to the FPS digging together. The game follows an experimental design, of course, and the developers have now released some important details about Season 2.

In a press release above Ausa, the developer has revealed the window for the next Season of March or April of 2022. In addition to this, Ghost Ship Games has also confirmed that the upcoming season will be less fun than before, and so there will be a speed. development cycle as opposed to the 7-month long development cycle of Season 1. That said, you can still expect it to be fully integrated.

“We expect Season 02 to go live sometime between March and April 2022 – first on Steam, then a few weeks later for Xbox and PlayStation,” the company wrote. developers. “Season 01 was better than all we expected and put the number of players in the sky. But it’s also a big update, it took almost 7 months to produce and prepare. Season 02 is the if the enthusiasm is a little less and it will come soon. That doesn’t mean it won’t be a spectacular update on all the bells and whistles, of course! “

Deep Rock Galactic has sold over 3 million units, and is available for download now on PC and Xbox platforms. The game will arrive on PlayStation platforms in January 2022, although there will be no game support link at launch.


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