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Battlefield 2042 suffered from a number of issues, some that were clearly prevalent during the beta. This is the lowest-rated title in the series on Metacritic and is rated “Mostly Negative” by Steam users. So what happened? Although reports of troubles had emerged before release, scrum-half Tom Henderson provided a detailed report on the development timeline, indicating where things had gone wrong.

As it turned out, things looked messy from the start. Electronic Arts was looking to compete with Battle Royale titles and regular shooters that resulted in many developers leaving with releases Battlefield 5 (especially since their concepts were not looked at). The publisher’s memo was basically “copy what is popular,” and distributions would be eliminated by early 2020. Sometime between April and August 2020, it turned right The battlefield a title in lieu of a Battle Royale game focusing on 128 players and Experts with the original concept being moved to Hazard Zone.

Production only really started around August 2020, which means about a year and three months of development time on the current product. During this time, the developer faced problems with cross-gen development as hardware had to be shared remotely. Interestingly, the leaked trailer was in operation since early 2021 and is in use Battlefield 3/4 assets.

Also, the whole deal is probably because “ahead of schedule” is a lie (as reported by current and former DICE developers). By March 2021, the studio was overwhelmed and seeking help, around the time Criterion was announced. Unfortunately, inexperience along with engine issues caused problems, and as the months went by, the UI would also become a sore point.

Following the technical test, which was identified as unstable, Henderson began to accept that details of the game’s development were in poor condition (mainly due to management issues). The closed beta, which launched after a delay, was also noticeably more alpha. Overall, a serious lack of time along with many developers leaving DICE (to the point that it could also be renamed as it’s a different studio at this point) contributed to most issues.

Interestingly, Battlefield: Bad Company 3 it was also deleted at some point since Electronic Arts felt it would not sell. As it stands, Battlefield 2042 still receiving updates but EA seems to be planning a hero shooter following a complete overhaul of its development model. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.


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