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Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is now available for current series (check out our review here) but has faced a brief delay with its Xbox One and PS4 versions. While Frogwares is confident that they will arrive a few weeks later, the first launch is now scheduled in Q1 2022. In a new statement on Twitter, the developer stated that “ make good progress. ”

Regarding the former, Frogwares said, “We need to spend some time refining and testing the game on older equipment to show proper performance. This is our top priority, and we are “we’re doing the best we can to make sure the broadcast is quality and effective.” The performers were thanked for their understanding and support.

As an origin story for Sherlock Holmes, Chapter One focuses on a small group of police officers, who are on their way to Cordona to investigate the death of his mother. There is a lot of conspiracy and corruption even though Holmes and his young friend Jon have to work together to learn the truth. Many cases have to be cracked and like the first titles, the player has to gather evidence to pursue an opinion before accusing a suspect. For more information, check out more games here.


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