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The Spooky and Adventure Bundles come to Planet Coaster: Console Edition

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planet coaster spooky and adventure

Planet Coaster

Looking to scare your guests witless? Want to send them off on an adventure of a lifetime? With the latest DLC packs for Planet Coaster: Console Edition you’ll be able to do just that.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5 back in mid-November to some rather brilliant acclaim. In fact, our very own review of the game praised it for being perfectly designed for controller input, for looking impressive visually, and for being chock full of content. But now, there’s even more content arriving thanks to the addition of the Spooky and Adventure DLC packs.

Available right now to purchase and download into the game on all formats, you’ll find the Spooky and Adventure DLC either available individually, or as one awesome double pack, delivering an abundance of spooktacular chills and adventurous thrills to Planet Coaster: Console Edition.

Adding to the already available Deluxe Rides Collection that launched alongside the game, the Spooky & Adventure Bundle offers players even more ways to entertain and excite their guests. Expect to deliver them enigmatic entertainers to spine-tingling new attractions, along with a whole host of new scenery and building pieces.

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The Spooky Pack

The Spooky Pack comes with two new dark rides, some spine-chilling scenery and building pieces, and an eerie entertainer – King Ghoster. Providing players with everything they need to build a frighteningly good coaster park, with this pack in place you can be sure that your guests will get the fright of their lives with The Hoax, a free-spinning haunted house ride that can fit in even the smallest spaces with its tight track that twists and turns, while The Huntsman will have guests in a spin with its unique way of tilting and turning as it rotates on an axis; this motion platform ride allows players to coordinate stomach-knotting moments as they place guests face-to-face with unearthly horrors.

Throw in surprises lurking around every dark corner, with the likes of misty graveyards where spirits linger, to haunted houses filled with scuttling rats and rattling skeletons, and your park-goers will need nerves of steel to brave their new surroundings.

But that’s not the only new addition and the Adventure Pack works differing lines. This will allow you to inject a little more adventure into your parks with the addition of a thrilling new coaster, two new water-based attractions, jungle-inspired scenery and building pieces, and the queen of the jungle herself, entertainer Renee Feu.

The Adventure Pack will let you make a splash with Island Adventure, a high-capacity boat ride designed for large bodies of water, or take guests on a charming trip along bespoke waterways scattered with paddling hippos, clawing scorpions, and numerous decorative jewels, with Land Ahoy. It also comes with a dizzying mine cart coaster, Gold Fever, which should delight intrepid explorers as they tilt and sway through curious caves and into the heart of a temple filled with surprises galore.

Whichever pack you decide to pick up, you’ll find an abundance of fresh scenery. With piece-by-piece construction in place with Planet Coaster: Console Edition, letting you position, rotate, and intersect any object, designing the coaster park of your dreams is a cinch. Even more so when you consider the inclusion of the Frontier Workshop.

If you have a copy of Planet Coaster: Console Edition to your name, and you should have because it’s available for free via Xbox Game Pass, you’d do well to add either the Spooky or Adventure Packs to your game right now. Each cost £7.99, whilst the bundle that brings them together will set you back £11.99. Let us know in the comments which one you decide to grab.

DLC Description:

Your guests are in for a treat with this exciting bundle combining the Spooky Pack and Adventure Pack! It contains five thrilling rides, two new entertainers, and hundreds of unique scenery pieces to feed your imagination and help you create your epic coaster park.

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