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Finally, Embark Studios, the newest team of former EA designer Patrick Söderlund, revealed its first title, ARC Raiders. He is a free cooperative sci-fi shooter who sees the human resistance battling the overwhelming threats of the ARC. Check out the first trailer below.

For the moment, ARC Raiders is a third-person shooter focused on PvE. Along with various mechanical flying drones, there are huge pedestrian-like tanks whose legs can be blown apart. Explosives and other weapons can be used, though players also seem to be able to jump around with minimal effort. It’s interesting especially considering the music choice.

ARC Raiders slated for release in 2022 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC, PS5 and GeForce Now. Published by Nexon and it sees players scraping their equipment from the ruins to overcome the ARC. Stay tuned for more gameplay details and photos in the coming months (hopefully along with information on the game’s monetization)


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