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Star Wars Eclipse is at Least 3-4 Years Away – Rumour

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A. Star Wars a game by Quantic Dream had been leaked prominently in the weeks and months leading up to Eclipse’s Star Wars officially unveiled at The Game Awards last week, with the title developed by Quantic Dream unveiled with a cinematic trailer. It seems, however, that people will have to do quite some time before being able to play the game.

Tom Henderson, an in-house industry, who was one of the leading spillovers for Star Wars Eclipse ahead of its announcement, he recently took to Twitter to share more possible details about the game – or, more specifically, its development. According to Henderson, Quantic Dream’s main studio in Paris is writing the story of the game, with controversial studio head David Cage “playing a big part” in the project.

That said, Quantic Dream Paris – which has been caught in a flurry of controversy over the past few years due to multiple reports of toxic workplace culture and ongoing issues emerging from the studio head – is struggling to staff for the development of the game. , Says Henderson. In addition, with Star Wars Eclipse it is said to be an open world title (though that has not yet been officially confirmed), that is another obstacle faced by Quantic Dream, as if the studio engine is not fit for purpose.

According to Henderson, Star Wars Eclipse at least 3-4 years away from launch – if the aforementioned development complexes are right, that they could be very good, it’s no wonder that the game’s production has a long way to go.

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