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Bungie’s latest seasonal event for Destiny 2, The Dawning, is now live as part of Lost Season. He sees Eva Levante return to the Tower and once again tasks Guardians with collecting ingredients to bake delicacies for the various celebrities of the world. Check out everything new in the trailer below.

Along with Levante, snowballs have also returned and appear to be now infused with Stasis. The legendary seasonal Zephyr sword is also a form of Stasis, which should open up the building variety even more. New activities aside, the Eververse is also stuffed with new emotions and armor sets for players to donate.

The Dawning is alive until January 4th, 2022. Along with the Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Pack, it provides a decent enough tan highlight Queen of the Witch expansion launches on February 22nd 2022. The latter provides the next chapter in the long-running story as players go up against new Savathun and Hive Guardians along with the use of a new weapon type, the Glaive, and weapon crafting. Check out some of the opening mission here.


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