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Enix’s Square Final Fantasy Remake Finale 7 it has not been receiving the most positive reception, mainly due to the recent PC port. In addition to costing $ 70 and being exclusive to the Epic Games Store, it has a host of performance issues that John Linneman of The Digital Foundry describes as “a mess.” There’s a silver lining, at least for those who redeemed the game when it was free to PS4 with PlayStation Plus – they can upgrade to the PS5 version on December 22nd.

This was not originally an option and is more or less standard for PS4 titles on PS Plus which also have PS5 versions. However, subscribers who didn’t buy the full game now can benefit from better images, 60 FPS gameplay and much more for free. If that wasn’t enough, INTEREST Episode which stars Yuffie Kisaragi in her own separate side story is also 25 percent off.

For more details on Final Fantasy Remake Finale 7, check out our review here. Details of performance improvements for the PC port have not yet been revealed so stay tuned in the meantime for any updates.


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