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According to a recent report on Dealabs, which previously featured information directly on the PlayStation Plus’ lineup of monthly games on several occasions, may already have information about PS Plus games next month.

Apparently, the PS Plus free games for January 2022 will be included DiRT 5, the latest in Codemasters ’racing series. There is also Deep Rock Galactic, the FPS mining co-op, which recently turned into an annual model for the sequel series, and will see its PlayStation launch in January. Finally, there is Persona 5 Strikers, last year’s live action RPG follow -up to the popular 2017 JRPG People 5.

Compared to PS Plus offerings for previous months, it looks like Sony will start next year on a high note, with all three games being popular of their own genres.

Yes, the elephant is in the room of Project Spartacus, which will reportedly combine PS Now and PS Plus to compete with Game Pass– we’re really excited to hear more about that in a more formal way, so hopefully.


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