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W.with so many great stories being told throughout the year, it seemed that some would fall flat. But then there are others that ended in horrific fashion or never ended, providing a lack of accumulation for all the hours it endured. Let’s take a look at the worst video game endings this year. Big spoilers follow so be warned.

Wonder Wonder Balan

When most of the context for your game’s story is explained in a separate, nearly 200-page book, there are bound to be problems. But Wonderworld’s Balan ending is so many types of bullshit that it’s really funny. Lance is defeated and subsequently dragged away by the Negati. Balan reveals himself to be a bit like Lance and … nothing more? What was his relationship with Lance, other than their names sounding like Balance when combined?

As for Leo, he finally fulfills his dream of being able to dance while Emma realizes that her servants are actually planning a birthday party (rather than rudely gossiping). The point of the whole thing – the Tims, Balan’s theater and the truth behind Balan and Lance – is not revealed. Good riddance.


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