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2022 looks like a silly year, and even the first few months are expected to see announcements of some new games. One of these Horizon Forbidden West, plans to open in February- and before that, its annual rate is given by ESRB me too.

It is a T scale, which is equal to Horizon Zero Dawn, but what stands out here is that the ESRB’s rankings indicate that the game is on track for its February launch. Of course, it’s not a proof in and of itself – and it’s hard to be sure about any release date these days – but age records are usually given to players as they get closer to launch.

When launching, you have to clear a lot of storage space for RPG-like action. Horizon Forbidden West will have a maximum upload over 96 GB.

Horizon Forbidden West launched for PS5 and PS4 on February 18th.


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