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The video showcases how the red-haired mage from the Melty Blood universe is going to play, as she joins the roster on January 13.

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Type-Moon and French Bread don’t seem to have finished their broadcasts, since they released a video showing how their character Aoko Aozaki is coming in. Toto Melty: Kind of Lumina will play in-games. It features Aoko’s appearance and portrayal as a character against the others on the list, while giving an entire game on top. a show for players to check out.

The trailer crashed a few days after Type-Moon introduced another new character, the Dead Apostle Noel who had joined the game. All participants will participate in the game on January 13 and there is no charge for the owners of the game.

The trailer shows Aoko going against Tohno Shiki, where it looks like the new level the game will find. The video does a good job of showing Aoko’s combat style, apparently as a professional with a lot of long -range magic attacks.

Check out Aoko Aozaki in the activity below.

Available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, Toto Melty: Kind of Lumina a boxing game developed by French Bread and Type-Moon, and published by DELiGHTWORKS, and part of the long-running game. Tsukihime sequence.

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