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Even with such huge success, Play Games’ Horizon Forza 5 just get started. Series 2 cars were introduced last month and the development team promised to add Series 3 cars after four weeks (aka tomorrow). The Lunar New Year is also coming up and the streets of Guanajuato will be lit with lanterns while two new PR Stunts will be added.

In new Steam jobPlayground has outlined all of the 3 Series unlockable cars over the next four weeks in the Festival Playlist along with their respective new horns. Check them out below:

  • 2013 Donkervoort D8 GTO – Gong Horn
  • 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 – Fireworks Horn
  • 2015 Jaguar XKR-S GT – Tiger Roar Horn
  • 1990 Vauxhall Lotus Carlton – Cat Meow Cup
  • 2003 Toyota Celica SS-I – Mexican Traffic Light Corner
  • 2007 Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks AT38
  • 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Arctic Trucks AT37
  • 2016 Zenvo TS1

Four new cars are also coming as part of the Car Ticket. One new car will go live every week, starting with the 1966 Jaguar XJ13 tomorrow followed by the 1993 Jaguar XJ220S TWR on January 13th. On January 20th, there will be the 2018 Ferrari FXX-K Evo while the 2018 Audi TT RS goes live on January 27th.

There are more updates for the coming year along with repairs and improvements so stay tuned for more details in the meantime. Horizon Forza 5 currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.


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