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Although Final example it started as a series often associated with Nintendo consoles, starting in the PS1 era, Square Enix switching to the PlayStation, and Sony consoles becoming the mainstay of the series ’main lines. Start i Final Example 13 on the Xbox 360 though, the series is a multiplatform, with the first Final example games are also available on Xbox broadcasts.

That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. According to information on ResetEra by VGC author Jordan Middler, specifically where Final example Concerned neo -hippies and their global warming, Xbox users shouldn’t expect to see major games in the rankings. Midller said, Square Enix is ​​”firmly in Sony’s camp, even beyond the public domain.”

Middler said Sony wants the PlayStation to be the home of Final example this generation, and “until something changes”, the series won’t see any major releases on the Xbox Series X/S. In other words, Middler too said as far as the PC is concerned, Square Enix is ​​“excited” to continue to promote its games for the PC, and it looks like we’re going to see a lot of special media time going on. status a few months after launch.

Things about PC programming, time -saving resources such as Courageous Disabilities 2 ma Final Fantasy 7 Remake all towards the stage, though the last port was widely criticized. The future It is abandoned it will also be launched for PC day in and day out (and the PS5 will remain the standard console for at least two years after its launch). Square Enix has also announced a $ 70 price tag for its PC versions.

Now, when it comes to Final example and the Xbox, which is not a big surprise. Final Fantasy 7 Remake the PlayStation special consoles remain to this day, even after its expiration date. Final Fantasy 16 is being launched exclusively for the PS5, although it will be a special time as well, so a PC version could be launched.

Yes, the future Strangers of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is also available for the Xbox.


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