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Half-Life: Alyx Will Launch for PSVR2 – Rumour

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Sony has officially announced and named PSVR2, and it’s clear that larger investments in the VR space are going to be an important part of the PlayStation strategy going forward. Firesprite and Guerrilla work together on Horizon Call the Wild, for example (which apparently is going to redefine what it means for a VR game to be AAA) – but will big VR titles that have already come out on other hardware also eventually do their way to PSVR2?

The one that immediately comes to mind, of course Half Life: Alyx. Valve’s groundbreaking first-person shooter is considered by many to be the best VR games to date, if not the best, and according to XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker, who has been a prominent PlayStation leaker in the past, he will it eventually made its way to PSVR2.

In a recent tweet, Baker said that Valve and Sony have already worked out a deal for the same thing, and that although there is no word yet on exactly when it will happen, Half Life: Alyx is really coming to the new VR headset.

As always, it’s best to take this with a pinch of salt until something is officially announced, even though it seems to get Half Life: Alyx Over to PSVR2 is something Sony should be trying to do. After all, the new PlayStation Sense controllers are far more suited to the game than the original PSVR, and Valve himself has previously expressed interest in possibly bringing the game to PlayStation.

Whether or not it will eventually happen remains to be seen, but we are definitely keeping our fingers crossed.

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