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Nintendo has released a new trailer for Kirby and the Forgotten Country along with confirming his release date. The 3D platformer arrives on March 25th for the Nintendo Switch and is currently available for pre-order. See it in action below.

The trailer provides a nice range of gameplay, first showcasing the various Copy abilities Kirby can gain and then switching to co-op (with Bandana Waddle-Dee). There are mini-games and a whole village of Waddle-Dees – which must be saved throughout the adventure from the Beast Pack villain. There’s even a bobapon machine that slightly removes Kirby’s figure.

Some of the newer Copy capabilities include the Drill for underground mining such as a mole and the Ranger for getting a gun to shoot enemies (which can be charged). Of course, there are huge bosses to tackle as well as the return of Meta Knight, Kirby’s friendly nemesis. Look out for more details and gameplay on the way to the title launch in March.


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