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After the negative reception to its launch, DICE has nowhere to go but on top. That 2042 it is very giving. Despite all the anger (including the large number of negative reviews on Steam), it was the best seller, right? Insider Tom Henderson previously reported that he sold 4.23 million units in its first week.

However, in a recent tweet, Henderson revealed that those numbers seem to be a bit … increasing. “It also tells me the 4.23M sales number for #Taua2042 I reported for week 1 of sales that it was actually ‘Total Players cumulatively’. ” That means refunds and everyone who has played the 10 hour trial available via EA Play on PC, PlayStation and Xbox counts.

Again, take this with a pinch of salt but Henderson was well suited to most things That 2042-contact. Support for Season 1 planned for March 2022 continues but fans continue to need major changes and it may take a while before they get what they want.

That 2042 currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. You can read our review here.


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