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Undead Labs zombie survival game State of Decay 2 it didn’t have the lightest of launches, though the developer was able to turn his tide around for the better with significant post-launch updates, which significantly revamped the game’s systems and added new content to the mix. More than 3 years after its original release, the game is still not made in evolution – as revealed by the devs themselves in State of Decay 2 livestream, which you can check out below.

Undead Labs has several content updates planned for the coming year, which are supposed to change elements of the game such as UI, make Flights more dangerous, allowing players to set defensive traps in outposts, and much more. At the moment, there is no date for rolling out all of these updates, but more information is sure to come in the coming months – so stay tuned until then.

The much-awaited sequel State of Decay 3 still some ways off, and made the switch to Unreal Engine 5- read more about that through here.


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