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Remember the Spacers Witchfire? In development since late 2015, it was formally announced at the 2017 Game Awards. Since then, the development team has been pushing regular updates, albeit pushed back a bit (with the release of the 2020 release previously seen as “reasonable”).

Fortunately, that looks set to change soon. Over on Twitter, The Spacers shared a small clip of gameplay showcasing fights with the main character avoiding an attack and freezing enemies ahead of him. He also promised a “fat” update next week that would cover “release date, features, and other thrills.”

Witchfire is currently being developed for PC with Unreal Engine 4 as its main engine. Should a release date occur this year, other platforms may be announced (maybe Xbox Series X / S and PS5) and more game photos will be displayed. We’ll need to wait for more details so stay tuned and don’t raise your hopes again.


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