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A new replayable, roguelike mode where players will encounter new NPC types, hidden stashes and much more is coming this Spring.

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With the introduction of Hitman Trilogy and an opening date for Hitman VR, IO Interactive also confirmed innovations and features are coming to Hitman 3 in Year 2. Starting this spring and Hitman Freelancer, a new individual system that adds “yeast elements, planning and a dedicated storage facility.”

Agent 47’s Safehouse is being added as a new map and unlike the others, it can be categorized into multiple categories and free spaces as one progresses through Freelancer mode. So if you want to practice with weapons on the field, take tests or plan missions, this is the place. You can also view free broadcasts from the Safehouse with each offering a number of different missions.

Interestingly, missions from the main missions have been redesigned for the system and feature new NPC types such as Buyers that provide a variety of items and weapons, saves, hidden keys and even NPC assassins. Anything that is not returned to the Safehouse after the termination will be gone and you will have to revisit between missions to recapture explosives and tui. With varying mission commands and various challenges, IO Interactive strives to make this the most reusable method for players.

The Ray exam is also coming up later this year for Hitman 3 PC gaming, providing better graphics and better graphics. It was confirmed that the production of all the sites in the trilogy will benefit from the test shots when they air. In addition, Intel XeSS and Variable Rate Shading are also implemented. Finally, a new map called Codename: Rocky is also scheduled for later this year to wait for more information in the coming months.

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