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Days Gone director Jeff Ross, who has since left SIE Bend Studio, has long been the subject of talks in the gaming ring, given his openness to a number of situations involving the development and release of the game and studio in his wholeness. More recently, Ross talked about a progression of the game that was never realized and how the local managers made the team feel disappointed even though they sold quite well (though perhaps not as well as originally reported).

Well, it doesn’t seem to be finished yet. In an interview with USA Today, Ross shares how it feels to have one of the boss fight in the game, which he calls awful. Ross says many of the boss fights, like the Skizzo, were terrible and they did what they could with the system they had. He also says that they tried to do a lot of things to make that boss fight fun but couldn’t, and for the sequel, it wouldn’t do the same because of the data they have now.

“A lot of that stuff, like Skizzo’s last boss fight, is terrible,” he said. “But we had to bottle everything up as best we could with the systems we had. Scripting AI was very difficult. With the stealth sections, we had to maintain the sense of ‘they’ll shoot at sight’, but we didn’t necessarily want to shoot out because the player couldn’t kill them. That’s really all we can do, and we tried many things. For the sequel, those are the kinds of things I wouldn’t do. I didn’t want to make them here. I had to do that, but we have the data now. ”

Ross also shared a bit about the trouble the studio had with budget constraints, and how it affected the speed of the game. He says they couldn’t shoot the cinematic and the VO because it’s the same thing since they were recorded fairly early in the development. He points out that since the story integrates with the game’s sequence, many things are impossible to cut out because they need to link a lot of story materials.

“The cinematic and the VO were caught early. We were bound to him. We couldn’t go back and shoot again, ”he said. “The wonderful thing about the story is that it’s very intertwined. And that’s what makes things impossible to break. Like, ‘Okay, this thing with Boozer wasn’t much fun. Let’s do it as little as possible. ‘ But we needed it to connect the dots between much of the material of this story, but it couldn’t be lifted out of it. It’s a blessing and a curse, to have a story like that. I hate to say Donald Rumsfeld’s quote – ‘you’re going to war with your army, not the army you want’ – but it’s true. ”

It’s disappointing to think what the sequence is Days Gone It could have been after reading these interviews, had Sony not canceled the sequel’s development in line with the rumors. For now, Days Gone 2 is not coming out anytime soon, as Sony confirmed last year that the developers are working on a new IP.


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